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Part 2.7 - Link Configuration

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Author Topic: Part 2.7 - Link Configuration  (Read 376 times)
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« on: May 31, 2008, 07:20:28 pm »

Guide Created by Crasy

Here's a step-by-step guide to setting up the Links Mod.

Okay, here we go.

Setting Up Links Mod

1) AdminCP->Mange Links
2) Click "Install Now"
3) Now the links mod will need categories to place different links in. Therefore you should click "Add Category"
4) Add a Title(well simply the name of the category) and Description(a short description on describing the type of links that will be in this category) Then click Add Category
5) You will now see a screen that looks something like this:(mine will look slightly different in colour but the idea is the same)

Allow me to describe the spearate areas here.

I have named my category Affilates as you might have noticed.
The two links below that say [Edit] and [Delete] simply do exactly that.
If you would like to edit the name or description of the category click [Edit].
If you want the category gone then click [Delete]. Simple as that.

There may also be stats under there called "Top Five Rated Links" "Top Five Visited Links"
They will simply list..well...the top five rated links and top five visited link. Easy as that.
There's also a actual Stat area futher below that will state the number of categories and links total.

Under the links directory panel is this:
"Add Category Add Link Edit Permissions"
Click on any of the three to do exactly what they state.
Add a link...add a category..or edit permissions(which I will get to explaining in a second.)

Below is a "Approve Links" area.
If you gave members the ability to add links(you can do so in the permissions which I will explain in a second) then they will be able to add their own links.
If you would like you can also set it so that they must be Approved first.

If there are any links waiting to be approved simply click "Approve Links" From there it's easy to approve a link.

Now onto permissions. Since right now your members might not be able to even see the links page!!!

Now go to AdminCP->Edit Permissions
Now click on any membrgroup that you would like to view and use the links.

There will be a section in the memberbroup permissions called "SMF Links"
Here is where you make your changes.

Here's a description of any choice.

If you want them to have the permission select the bullbe under A. If not select X (or D for Deny)
  View Links Page       <--If you want this membergroup to even SEE the links page
  Add Links                <--If you want to give them permission to add a link(however the link will have to be approved first)
  Edit Links                 <--If you want them to be able to edit anyones links
  Delete Links             <--If you want them to be able to delete any linl
  Manage Categories    <--If you want them to be able to Add or Delete any categories
  Approve Links           <--If you want them to be able to Approve or deny others links that haven't already been approved
  Links Auto Approved  <--If you want them to be able to add any link without approval first
  Rate Links                 <--If you want them to be able to rate others links

Simply do this to every membergroup and choose how the permissions will be set up for every membergroup.

You should now be in business!


Sorry but I don't like it. I want it do I make it disappear?
Aww, well it's simple.
Simply go to AdminCP->Mange Links then click "UnInstall now" Poof, it should be gone!

My members can/are adding and deleting links themselves!  What do I do to stop them?
Simple permissions problem. Go to these members membergroups and check they're permissions. Simply switch any permission you don't want them to have to the column under "X"

Another guide made by crasyandconfused :buck2: heh
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