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Title: how to make good smf forums part 2
Post by: Brendan on July 24, 2008, 09:01:40 pm
Hey and welcome to part 2 of how to make decent SMF forums.

First I would like to talk about adding codes.

Adding codes is simple all you need are some good codes made by agent moose at (

Ok first you guys know go to admin panel >> manage styles >> headers/footers.(

ok, you should come to here after(

Then go back to ( >> look on tabs for code index >> then in the search thing type something you like for ex. Shop >> It will bring you to the page then simply press the title >> then agent will explain the code for ex. It says put (something in footers).
Copy from the code place then paste in footers
. There wallah you have simply added a code into your forums. For agent's codes to work you need
<script src="/jquery.js"></script>
in headers only one time though.

Adding Rep

When adding rep there is an easy process to do it, First go to
admin panel >> features and options >> to karma >> then it says "karma mode" set it too Enable karma total >> then go down you can change name of rep and pics or leave it default.

Adding Portals

First before these to work you need to go at the top of the page and accept "enable portal, Then click save settings

When adding portals go to admin panel >> portal settings >> go down until it says "add block" if you want one that can have people online you would type in anyhing for title, for the type you would set it to  whoisonline then for position, click what side you want it to be on right, left or center after click add block and there you go to home page and there it is.
You can also add other things like html, userblocks, recentposts, recenttopics, searchbox, randomimage, randomgame. These are the other things you can add with portals.

I know I was going to do in morning but I was board so I decided to do now.

Thanks once again and I'll be adding some other stuff hopefully in next part.

EDIT: Replacing News

To replace news you go to admin panel >> edit news >> then write in box what you want news to have >> click ok and there you changed the news

Title: Re: how to make good smf forums part 2
Post by: legend 1234 on July 25, 2008, 03:20:59 am
hmm nice mate

goodjob :)

Title: Re: how to make good smf forums part 2
Post by: Brendan on July 25, 2008, 05:16:39 am
Thanks :) I just need to figure out what to do next